Silk Plaster


Taliah is proud to introduce Silk Plaster, the new & special interior decoration product . It is the best choice to cover walls and give it a better look. 












Packaged in 1 kilogram plastic bag

Surface coverage

1 kilogram - 4 – 5 square meters

Drying time

12 – 48 hours (Depends on the temperature and humidity)


0 % On testing


3 -5 mm per square meter

Antistatic properties

Dust absorption/attraction reduced up to 99%


One coat with a plastic trowel, coating thickness1-2 mm depend on type 


Silk, Cotton fiber, Cellulose, Colored quartz & mineral decorative additives

Fire Resistance

Moderately flammable. Factor toxicity - not toxic


5 years material warranty

Silky touch on your wall , natural product without smell, Soundproofing and insulation of heat and moisture, just add water to be ready for use.

It contents from friendly environment and natural materials, these materials are silk and cotton yarn, it characterized by being jointless wall covering.

It hide the flows of old walls, and improve the non flat ones, with ability of particular fixing.

We have a lot of models and different colors which coordinate all customer senses.

Its great for all Residential projects whether is modern designs or classic designs or any other decorations.

With Silk Plaster .... live in another world.   Silk Plaster Gallery









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